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Nuclear arms control treaties — past, current and future — are an important part of reducing the risks of nuclear weapons and preventing a new arms race. Future treaties that reduce or constrain weapons will require new ways to help verify that countries are abiding by their commitments. This website offers an educational tool for treaty verification technologies and approaches. It features the fictional nuclear weapon state of “Nu” which depicts the main nuclear facilities that would be relevant under a treaty, as well as a living library of novel technologies under development in the research community

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Verification technology development is an area rich in innovation and centers on answering questions such as: How can we determine whether a country is telling the truth about the total size of its nuclear arsenal? How can we determine whether a nuclear weapon presented to us is real, without learning any classified information about it? And, how can we ensure that a country is not secretly assembling new weapons under a treaty? We have made strides toward answers, but more work is needed.

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